Jahnna Khoury Class of 2008

Jahnna Khoury
Class of 2008

“It’s important , especially in this business, to be well rounded  and know many aspects of the field. In FRED-TV I learned how to produce a show, I learned how to produce/direct a news program, I learned how to edit, I honed my skills as being an on-air talent, I learned how to write a detailed script. I learned at the young age of 16/17 what most people begin to learn  in their Sophomore/ Junior year of college. The FRED-TV program put me light years ahead of my peers and has given me the stepping stones to excel.”

Rick Medeiros Pawtucket Pawsox

Rick Medeiros
Pawtucket Pawsox

“I found myself standing back in amazement as the students went to work. To see these students work together and fully explain what they planned to do was beyond words. I was in disbelief as I saw these kids with wisdom beyond their years and genuine love for they are doing and to make these incredible videos.. I am sure many of these students will move on to professional jobs in the industry as FRED-TV is indeed a launching pad.”

Ray Boucher Transcoding Specialist, Golf Channel Class of 1998

Ray Boucher
Transcoding Specialist, Golf Channel
Class of 1998

“This program formed the foundation of my career in broadcasting. The skills I learned while a student there put me at a major advantage trying to break into the field straight out of high school. The techniques and production value being taught were on par with and in some cases ahead of the methods I’ve seen in professional experiences. Having worked my way through local cable stations, affiliate stations. regional cable networks, nation and now international networks with no professional schooling beyond what i learned in high school, I am proof of exactly how far this program can take students.”


Christian McCloskey Youth Services Coordinator

Christian Mccolsky
Youth Services

“Fall River Youth Services understand the value and importance of the programming that FRED-TV provides not only to the students enrolled, but to the community at-large as well. With a dedicated, hard-working staff and programming designed to prepare the students for the real world as well as to meet the needs of the community, FRED-TV truly is one of Fall Rivers’s greatest assets.”


Barbara Travis Director, Operation Christmas Telethon

Barbara Travis

“This program not only prepares students with hands-on work experience, but also promotes participation in community which helps to develop self-esteem, positive social behaviors, as well as positiver interpersonal relationships… I am grateful for the FRED-TV students and the hard work they put into the Operation Christmas Telethon every year. It is great to see the youth in the community developing effective learning and life skills.” The operation Christmas Telethon is an annual fundraiser for less fortunate families in Fall River.

Scott Santos Photographer/ Editor WJAR-10

Scott Santos
Photographer/ Editor

“Working in the Massachusetts bureau for WJAR, NBC-10, I have worked alongside some of [FRED-TV’s] students and let me tell you how impressed I am with the quality of work and the eagerness to learn from the students at FRED-TV… Here at NBC-10 We have employed some of  [FRED-TV’s] former students and they stand out from the rest. This comes from quality teaching and hands of experience that the students get from Fall River Educational Television”

Jessica Saliby WLNE-TV/ ABC 6 Class of 2005

Jessica Saliby
Class of 2005

“Not since my three years with FRED-TV in high school have I been involved with a program that teaches students about the television industry with this type of hands on approach… My education at FRED-TV had me far better prepared than most of my college peers.. With their instructors who possess professional experience , state of the art equipment, and method of teaching, i was more than prepared to work in the industry. FRED-TV is a current and valuable program. Each time i return to visit  I am impressed with how their studio continues to expand and advance to educate and serve their students.”

Kristina Michael KickinKitichen.TV Class of 2008

Kristina Michael
Class of 2008

“Two unique qualities about the FRED-TV Program are that the curriculum is based within an established television station and that experienced professionals teach it. Major assessments are not based solely on written exams. The instructors at FRED-TV are more concerned with how well students deal with clients, their knowledge and performance when using equipments (both in studio and on location), and the quality of finished projects. Students are taught how to work well with a crew and are expected to me multifaceted in their craft… The energetic and family-like atmosphere created by the instructors at FRED-TV has encourage me to broaden my horizons within the field of Communication.”